Jasper, Red Jasper



General properties of jasper: Protection, healing, grounding, courage, luck, strength, wisdom

Color: Jasper comes in many colors and multi-colored stones: brown, bright green, red, gray, black, purplish red, yellow, mottled, etc.

Element: The element depends on the color. Red =fire, green=earth, brown=earth, yellow=air, mottled=air

Chakra: Correlation depends on color. Red =power (3rd), green=root (1st) and heart (4th), brown=root (1st) yellow=3rd (solar plexus) and combinations based on color combinations.

Planetary: Mars=red, Venus=green, Saturn=brown, Mercury=mottled, Mercury=yellow

Geology: Jasper is a variety of chalcedony. It is a hard stone scoring 7 out of 10 on Mohs Scale of Hardness. It is found in Russia, the United States, India, Venezuela, France, Germany and other places.

Historical Uses: Historically jasper has been used to make seals, ornaments and jewelry. It is called the Rainbringer by Native Americans as it was used to call rain. Jasper has been worn to treat stomach trouble. It was said to bring good luck when buying or selling something. The Egyptians used it to protect against enemies and fear.

Physical Uses: Jasper can be used to strengthen the liver and gallbladder. It helps to relieve pain especially during childbirth. Wear or keep close to protect mother and baby during childbirth. Use to soothe digestion and nerves. Overall jasper is used to protect from physical and non-physical hazards. Yellow or pink jasper helps to balance hormones. Red jasper can be used to stop bleeding and to promote beauty and grace. Green jasper helps to promote sleep and ward off ill health. Mottled jasper is said to protect against drowning.

Spiritual Uses: Red jasper helps to balance the chakras and energy levels. Brown jasper helps to center and ground one’s energy. It also provides protections from psychic attachments. Green jasper helps to balance extremes of energy. Wear yellow jasper to protect from negativity and to strengthen the power chakra (3rd).

Mental Uses: Generally jasper promotes mental processes. Use it to protect from dangerous whims, desires and hallucinations. Purplish red (imperial) jasper aids in bringing mental focus.

Emotional Uses: The stone aids in balancing extremes of emotions. Wear jasper to decrease stress and promote tranquility. It enhances courage. Yellow jasper encourages emotional detoxification.

Magical Uses: Red jasper is used in health and healing spells. It can assist in sending negative energy back to the sender in defensive magic and maintains a steady shield when under magical attack. Also it helps amplify magic.


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