Planet: Mercury, Venus, Sun

Element: Air

Symbolism: Wisdom ,Divination, Poetry,  Science, 

Playfulness, Enchantment, Healing Arts

Stone: Topaz, Pearl

Birds: Crane

Color: Orange

Deity: Hermes, Aemgus, Artemis, Diana, Brighid

Folk Names: Coll


 The hazel – Corylus – is one of the oldest trees in the world. It’s more of a shrub than a tree, averaging between three and six meters tall, and growing in hedgerows and copses. It’s very common in Britain and Europe and also grows in America and Northern Africa and Asia. It grows well near ponds and water. In the spring time the hazel tree produces catkins that hang down from its branches and in the autumn it produces its fruit – the hazel nut – which turns brown by September. Wood from hazel has been used down the years to make walking sticks, shepherds’ crooks and fishing rods.

Hazel is considered to be a sacred tree and it’s a lovely one for magick users. Druid priests often chose hazel to make wands as it’s believed that it can impart wisdom and knowledge to the user. So you might want to obtain your own hazel wand and let it assist you in opening up and tuning in to your inner guidance. Hazel can be used in a variety of spells: it’s ideal for anything needing inspiration, intuition and developing divination skills. Hazel was the wood chosen by water diviners and it can be used by the magick user in spells for finding things that have been lost or things that are hidden. It can be used in any spell for learning, growth and the acquiring of wisdom.

Hazel is believed to help with fertility and in days gone by, hazel nuts would be given to a new bride believing it would help bless the marriage with children. Hazel can be incorporated into any spell for good luck and fortune or whenever you have wishes that you’d like to come true. It is a wood of protection and so can be used in any magick for assisting with protection of self or property. You can use a hazel wand to create a circle of protection around yourself. You can use hazel twigs to decorate the home – maybe keeping some in the porch or by the doorway to keep your home safe, or you might like to string hazelnuts together and create a garland.

Hazelnuts are eaten by squirrels, dormice and birds. They are sometimes used in herbal remedies for things such as coughs or catarrh or used in a poultice to assist with rheumatism. The leaves are also used in teas to address blood and circulation problems.

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