Spell Casting October 12-18, 2015

Spell Casting October 12-18, 2015

Spell Casting October 12-18, 2015 gives you the optimal time to do specific spells and activities.

Spell Casting July 6-12.2015


This week will offer strong energy for balance, passion, sexuality, and solitary magick

The moon will be void of course  Monday October 12th, 8:06 pm EDT –  Tuesday October 13th, 5:38 pm EDT, Wednesday October 14th, 8:58 pm EDT –  Friday October 16th, 5:18 am EDT, and Sunday October 18th, 4:49 am EDT – 2:52 pm EDT.

New Moon Monday October 12th, 8:06 pm EDT. 

Monday October 12th  There is strong energy for balance and sufficient energy to work with potions, ritual and spells for domestic issues, maternal and psychic abilities. Spell work best done before 8:06 pm.

Tuesday October 13th  There is strong energy for passion, sexuality, and strong fiery energy. There is sufficient energy to work with potions, ritual and spells for personal power, breaking negative spells, passion and job hunting. Spell work best done after 5:38 pm EDT.

Wednesday October 14th  There is  strong energy available for solitary magick today. Spell work is best done before 8:58 pm EDT.

Thursday October 15th  No spell work today.

Friday October 16th There is sufficient energy available to work with  potions, ritual and spells for romance, friendship and musical skills.

Saturday October 17th There is sufficient energy to work with  potions, ritual and spells for protection and removing blocks.

Sunday October 18th There is sufficient energy  for  potions, rituals and spells to work with animals. Spell work best done after 2:52 pm EDT.

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