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Tobias: Ethical mens shirts with unique cuffs


Every gent owns at least a few classic cotton and linen shirts, and in different colors too. They may look “uniformed” in the closet as it’s likely that the wearer chooses the same cut and style. But with Tobias clothing, their range of classic, casual cotton and linen shirts “stand out” from the closet crowd in more ways than one.

TobiasTobias clothing’s linen and cotton shirts are an Indian-inspired twist on the classic linen and classic cotton shirt. There’s stripes and key colors such as white, but then there’s the pastel and indigo-dye colors synonymous with India, and the unique inner cuffs in ikat or flower patterned-designs and in bright colors. And it’s an ethical brand too.

Founded in 2011 by Daisy Hambro and Toby Adcock, Tobias clothing is based on two principles: “To create a shirt that is unique and easy to wear whilst at the same time helping educate India’s under-privileged children.”

TobiasDaisy Hambro, who designs the shirts, was inspired to create the label to celebrate the vibrancy of India’s prints and colors, as well as to help under-privileged kids in India. With every shirt that is bought from Tobias, 10% of the profit goes directly to the charity, Akanksha Foundation.

The designer, who lives in Mumbai, also works as a volunteer teacher for the Akanksha Foundation to help educate under-privileged kids in the area.

“I am drawn to all the amazing colors and prints of India and my idea was to combine that with an effort to help India’s under-privileged children,” Daisy Hambro told Kassia St Clair in an interview. “The shirts came about when I started sewing fabric off-cuts onto my boyfriend’s cuffs to make them look more interesting. And it just went from there.”


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