The chrysanthemum is native to China – where it is known as “Ju hua” – and other far eastern countries but it is widely cultivated in many other areas of the world. The chrysanthemum is a perennial which grows to around 50 to 100cm tall and there are over 100 varieties in numerous colors.

The chrysanthemum is associated with the element of fire and the sun. In magick it is used for protection and for love and joy.  You could sprinkle flower heads in the bath to get rid of a bad mood or you could sprinkle petals around your home to defuse arguments and calm fiery tempers.  You could also use pots of chrysanthemums or fill vases with their flowers. Placed around your home these can also assist in offering protection from evil spirits and repelling unwanted energies. To protect yourself from nightmares or bad dreams then you could have some petals under your pillow or you can use chrysanthemum oil. You could also make a little pouch from fabric which you could fill with chrysanthemum petals and carry about your person for protection.  As it is used in spells for protection, you could also decorate your altar with chrysanthemum flowers to enhance your magick work.

The chrysanthemum has many medicinal uses and is very well-known in China for its medicinal properties.  There are teas prepared from it which can help to reduce fever and also to increase energy.  Clinical research carried out has shown that it is helpful for problems with high blood pressure.  Associated with this you can also get herbal preparations that assist with dizziness and tinnitus and also persistent headaches. Children suffering with convulsions are sometimes given an herbal mixture which includes chrysanthemum.  It is also believed to bring relief from colds and flu.  Externally, poultices can be made from chrysanthemum leaves to treat skin problems such as acne, pimples and boils.  Preparations can also be found which soothe sore eyes.

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