The World

The World

The World

Congratulations! You have arrived at your destination! If you draw The World in your tarot reading then it signifies that you either have, or soon will, achieve what it is you were aiming for. It indicates success, triumph, the overcoming of obstacles and a sense of fulfilment. It can also be a sign of travel – of making a journey, going to a new destination.

The  young woman in the middle of the card is surrounded by a green wreath which symbolises victory. She has one leg crossed over the other – rather like the “Hanged Man” except this time she is in the upright position, no longer in suspension but firmly in place. She holds what looks like a wand in each hand rather like a double-ended candle stick with two flames which suggests that she holds the power to create and accomplish and be in balance. In each of the corners of the card is a symbol: a lion, a bull, an eagle and a cherub. These are the same symbols that appeared on the “Wheel of Fortune”, the central card in the Major Arcana. These signify the four fixed signs of the zodiac, the four elements and the four suits of the tarot, the four seasons and also the four corners of the world.

In a reading where your enquiry is work related and you draw The World card then it could suggest that you may benefit from opening up in your work to a wider audience; this may be a new team in your current location or connecting with other groups or premises or it could mean making foreign contacts. Perhaps you may need to travel internationally for your work, either on a regular basis or as a one-off trip. Maybe you would benefit from collaboration internationally or from expanding to a wider international market.

It can also mean that some aspect of your work is nearing completion and you are about to see the results of your efforts.

If you’re asking about love and romance The World is a very positive card to draw. It suggests that things are turning out just fine and that you have what you’ve been looking for in your relationship. It could possibly indicate marriage or even the birth of a child or perhaps the addition of a pet to complete the family unit. If you’re involved in a long-distance relationship and your partner has asked you to join him/her then it encourages you to take the leap if this is what you’d like. Or it could be that travelling with your partner will bring you joy and fulfilment. If you’re not in a relationship and would like to be, then you may just meet someone whilst travelling.

The World is a positive card to draw to answer queries related to finances and indicates that whatever it is you’ve been waiting for is almost there. If you’ve been struggling then you can expect things to move forward and reach a satisfactory conclusion. Perhaps you come in to some money or win a prize draw or are gifted something or your investments pay off.

If your reading brings up The World in a reversed position then the news is still good but less so. It may mean that things are not yet quite finished and you’re facing some kind of delay or obstacle. This may be internal such as struggling with inertia or lack of motivation or vision or for some reason hesitating about finishing what you’ve started or it could be external such as imperfection and some final thing still needed or some kind of hurdle to overcome. You may need to give a final push in order to complete. Or it could indicate that you are involved in a situation that isn’t yet ended and there are some final pieces that need to be put in place.

Overall, The World suggests that you’ve surmounted limitations and obstacles and can now enjoy success and victory. You may be celebrating some attainment, so recognise what you’ve done to get to that point and appreciate what you have. The World also reminds us of our place in the wider whole, our connection to our family and friends, our community, the world immediately around us and also extending further out, and finding balance and wholeness within ourselves and within our outer world. With the ending of one cycle comes the beginning of another and so we also prepare for the next part of our journey.

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