Black Walnut

Black Walnut

Black Walnut (Juglans Nigra)

Black Walnut

There are many types of walnut but in this article I’ll be referring to the black walnut (Juglans Nigra). Whilst the walnut grows in other areas of our world most walnut trees are to be found in the USA. It is a hardwood tree which can grow up to 100 feet tall with a wide-spread of as much as 40 feet. It grows quickly and lives as long as 200 years. Walnut trees prefer a nice moist soil as they need plenty of water and a sunny spot. They attract wildlife and birds and their wide canopies provide shade and shelter. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about walnut trees is their beautiful wood and their nuts. The nuts are encased in a hard outer shell which is full of grooves and ridges and looks a bit like pictures of a human brain.

In ancient Greece the walnut was known as the nut of Jupiter because its many attributes meant it was considered worthy of the gods. Walnut can be used in magick to call upon the power of the gods and universal energy and to grant wishes. It can be used in spells for spiritual growth and understanding, for insight and focus and also for protection. Walnut is suitable for incorporating into spells related to cleansing and healing and moving away from anything that is holding you back and keeping you stuck.

Although the outer shell is very strong and tough the nut inside is delicious to eat and very nutritious. It contains omega 3, antioxidants and iron and is a good source of protein. It can be eaten by itself or added to salads such as Waldorf salad, or desserts or cakes such as coffee and walnut cake. Walnut can be used both internally and externally to assist with a range of conditions. It is believed to stave off colds and illnesses associated with the respiratory tract, gets rid of parasitic worms and help with constipation. It can be made into a poultice for helping with skin conditions like eczema or dermatitis.

Walnut wood is very hard and durable and so is favoured for furniture making – items such as cabinets, tables and chairs. It is also used to make smaller decorative items such as jewellery boxes and caskets. Walnut is a natural dark dye that can be used to dye hair, paper and fabrics.

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