Agate/Yellow Agate

Agate/Yellow Agate

Agate/Yellow Agate

General properties of agate: Strength, courage, truth, protection, healing, love, longevity, balance and harmony.

Color: Agates come in different colors and varieties. Many come in color bands. Agates are a porous material. Most brilliant colored agates have been chemically altered.

Element: Earth and air

Chakra: Agate may correspond to all of the chakras as there are many types and colors of agate. Yellow agate corresponds to the 3rd chakra (solar plexus).

Planetary: Mercury

Astrological: Virgo

God: Roman God of Healing, Medicine and Rejuvenation: Aesculapius

Geology: Agates rate 7 out of 10 on Mohs Scale of Hardness. They are a type of quartz called chalcedony. Agates are found in many parts of the world including South America, India, Italy, Africa, United States and Germany.

Physical Uses: Historically agates have been used to protect sailors and ocean travelers, prevent falls, and accidents and to find lost articles and buried treasures. Agates have been used to heal disorders of the skin, eyes, blood, lymphatic system, digestive system, spleen and kidneys. Use agate to build strength of body and mind. It is considered a semi-precious stone and is used in jewelry making. Yellow agate can be used to bring balance and harmony in mental illnesses.

Spiritual Uses: Use agate to protect from negative and evil energies. Agate aids in building confidence and courage in any spiritual pursuit. Use to bring balance and harmony to the chakras. The stone assists in connecting with your inner self and truth.

Mental Uses: A good stone to use for mental clarity, concentration, truth and focus. Yellow agate enhances creativity, strengthens the intellect and promotes optimism. It can be used to provide strength and courage when working to stop negative mental thoughts and patterns.

Emotional Uses: Agate may be used to dispel fear and instill courage. Yellow agate can uplift mood and provide strength, courage and emotional healing and balance. Promotes positive emotions.

Magical Uses: Agates are used in spells involving strength, bravery, love and longevity. Charge a stone and carry it with you and/or place in your home for protection.


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