General properties of sardonyx: Protection, mental clarity, spiritual grounding, courage, luck, optimism, wisdom, friendships, marriage

Color: Sardonyx may contain bands of white, brown, reddish brown, red and black.

Element: Fire

Chakra: Sources site root (1st) sacral (2nd), heart (4th), throat (5th) and third eye (6th)

Planetary: Mars and Mercury

Astrological: Aries, Leo and Virgo

God: Mars

Geology: Sardonyx rates 7 on Mohs Scale of Hardness. It is a banded variety of chalcedony, a crystalline quartz. A blend of sard and onyx it is also called Sardinian Onyx. Sardonyx can be found in Brazil, India, Germany, Uruguay, Russia and United States.

Physical Uses: Historically sardonyx has been used to carve seals and cameos. Romans carved the images of Mars or Hercules on the stone to give wearers courage and fearlessness. Red and black stones help build endurance and energy. Sardonyx has been used to relieve pain, to protect from infectious or poisonous bites and stings, to aid in legal matters, to attract friends and to enhance a marriage or partnership.

Spiritual Uses: Use sardonyx to help protect and deflect negative energy. The energy of the stone is grounding and helps to transform spiritual focus into material results. Use this stone during meditation to ward off mental distractions.

Mental Uses: A good stone to use for mental clarity. Use when focus and concentration is needed. It also promotes optimism.

Emotional Uses: Sardonyx instills courage and inspires confidence. Use it to dispel sorrow and grief.

Magical Uses: Sardonyx can be used with spells involving good fortune or carried for good luck. Use for attracting success in business involving legal matters. Charge and carry or wear sardonyx to give you an increase of courage in all aspects of life.


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