Rhiannon  “the Great Queen”  Queen of Manifestation


Rhiannon is the Queen of Manifestation. She represents the three cycles of womanhood, Maiden, Mother and Crone in various myths.

Her presence calls on us to stand strong in our true self, regardless of the challenges around or within us. She teaches us to ask for the resources we need and gives abundant support to guide us through uncertain times. She is also known as the Goddess of the Moon, Wisdom, Magic, Inspiration, Transformation and Patroness of Poets.

The story of Rhiannon appears in both the first and third branch of the Mabinogion- A book of Welsh mythology, 12 stories compiled in the 12th-13th Century, from the ancient oral traditions.

In the Mabinogion, Rhiannon is a beautiful Welsh Goddess of the other world riding an unearthly white horse and always accompanied by three magical birds. She had many suitors, one was Pwyll a mortal King of Dyfed and Gwawl a minor sun god, the son of Clud. Rhiannon’s father had promised Gwawl his daughter’s hand in marriage. Rhiannon was unhappy about this, and works her magic to get rid of Gwawl and manifest her desire to marry her love Pwyll.

Gwawl and his father were angry when they found out she had married Pwyll and vowed to curse the house of Pwyll.

For many years they tried to have a baby. Being “the Great Queen”, practising her magic, she finally got pregnant and gave birth to a son and heir of Dyfed.  Shortly after the birth her ladies in waiting fell into a deep sleep and her son was stolen. Wonder if this was the curse of Gwawl and his father?

When her ladies saw the baby had been taken, they feared for their lives. And created a plan to blame Rhiannon. Everyone would probably believe them as they feared Rhiannon’s magic powers. They smeared puppy blood on Rhiannon and scattered puppy bones around her. She was accused of killing or devouring her infant.

The punishment for this crime for which she was innocent. Rhiannon was sentenced to stand on a block at the castle entrance for seven years. Confessing her crime to all visitors and offering to carry them on her back into the castle. One day a couple came to the castle gate with a boy, they had brought up. The couple seeing the resemblance to Rhiannon, told her the boy had been found abandoned, wrapped with a blanket, he still had, This was a blanket Rhiannon had made for her baby. Seeing the return of her son, she shouted for joy that her “Pryderi” her grief and anxiety had ended. So in line with the Welsh custom the boy had received his name from his Mother. Rhiannon was restored to her honour as the Queen. The family reunited. Rhiannon the Goddess forgave everyone.