The Lily – Lilium – is an herbaceous perennial flower and is one of the oldest plants in the world. There are over 80 species. Lily flowers are shaped rather like a trumpet with 6 petal segments and they bloom mainly in July and August. They enjoy good drainage and loamy soil.

Even the name, Lily, sounds serene, and the lily is associated with water, the moon and Neptune. The lily can be used in magick for spells requiring clarity of direction and desire. It can help to calm and balance our emotions so that we’re more able to make decisions from a place of grounding and centeredness. Lily can also be used in spells to assist with gaining insight into what steps are going to be most helpful and effective to manifest our dreams and needs. It could be used in magick where clear mental focus is required, such as for important meetings, plans, exams or for solving problems. Lily is suitable to incorporate into spells concerning love, happiness, fertility, birth, marriage and prosperity. It can also be used to assist with encouraging and sustaining flow in our lives and for growth, inspiration and creativity.

The lily has been used for medicinal purposes as far back as Greek and Roman times. Stalks, leaves, flowers and bulbs are all used for making homeopathic remedies. It is useful for all kinds of emotional problems, such as depression, insecurity, despair or anger. It is also used to reduce sexual cravings. It can help women with various disorders of their reproductive and urinary systems. The bulbs of the lily are used to make ointments and poultices to assist with relieving ulcers, burns, scalds and inflammation and to reduce bruising. The bulbs have disinfectant qualities and so can be useful to heal wounds. The lily is also used in medicine for coughs, as a laxative, and in homeopathic remedies for the heart as it can help to regulate the rhythm. The petals of the lily flower have been used in wine for a sedative and also to remove dark circles from under the eyes.

The lily is a gentle flower which for me invokes feelings of peace, simple beauty and optimism.

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Jill Graham is a life & soul coach, psychic tarot reader and energy healer, providing insight, support and tools to help you identify and move beyond that which is keeping you stuck to creating and living the life you desire.

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