Fir [Abies]

Fir Tree

Fir Tree

The fir tree – Abies – is an evergreen conifer that belongs to the pine family. There are around 50 species which can be found in both North and Central America, Northern Africa, Asia and Europe. The fir is a tall tree, easily exceeding ten meters high, and has needle like leaves which attach to the twig at the base and erect, cylindrical cones. It likes loamy soil with good drainage.

It was often used medicinally by Native Americans for a variety of ailments which included ‘flu, scurvy, wounds, burns, constipation, worms. Today, bark, resin and twigs from the fir tree are used to create herbal remedies. Fir needles have disinfectant properties. Fir can be used to treat coughs, colds, bronchitis, asthma, sore throats, muscular aches, rheumatism, sciatica, bladder and kidney problems. An infusion of bark from the fir tree has been used to address excessive menstruation and stomach problems. A poultice can be made to treat burns, cuts and other skin ailments. Shoots can be used to reduce perspiration and the fir could prevent athletes foot. The tips of the shoots are used to flavour food and the leaves to make a tea that is rich in vitamin C. Fir leaves can also be used as a substitute for coffee.

Fir can be used in magick to add to spells and also for incense. The needles could be burnt on top of charcoal or else added in with other herbs or you can buy ready made incense. The fir is associated with fire, Mars, Saggitarius and Capricorn. It can be used to break up negativity and also to clear, purify and protect the home. You can use fir in spells related to power, energy, vitality and moving forwards. Fir can help give you insight and clarity and open the way for re-birth, new creation, change and prosperity. Fir needles are sometimes used to both bless and protect a new mother and child.

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