Litha Activity — picnicking


Having a picnic is one of the traditional activities of Litha.  Litha — the Summer Solstice — is the longest day of the year, the day to celebrate the Father Sun God and Mother Goddess in all their glory and power.  It is a festival of lighthearted joy and celebration in being alive.  These are the long hot glorious days of summer when being outdoors and enjoying the nice weather and sunshine is the order of the day. For your Litha picnic include fresh vegetables of all kinds and fresh fruits such as lemons and oranges, summer fruits, honey, summer squash and any yellow or orange colored foods. If your garden has some bounty, include that in your picnic, or buy some fresh local produce at your local farmers market.  Traditional Litha drinks to enjoy are ale, mead, and fresh fruit juice.    After your feast, take a swim in a nearly stream or lake and stretch out on the rocks, letting the warmth of the sun fill you.  These are memories to treasure during the cold winter months.

 After your picnic you can gather herbs.  The magic of Litha is very potent, and herbs gathered at this time will give extra strength and potency to your magic spells and potions.  Look for mugwort, chamomile, rose, wild rose, oak blossoms, lily, cinquefoil, lavender, fennel, elder, mistletoe, thyme, honeysuckle, ivy, larkspur, nettle,  St. John’s wort,  fern,  pine, heather, yarrow, oak & holly trees, daisy,   Pick St. John’s wort and weave a wreath to wear in your hair.   Men can wear a crown of oak and holly leaves, in tribute to the Oak King.

Litha is about celebrating the sunshine, enjoying the long summer days, before the crops ripen and the long hard days of harvesting the crops and putting up food for winter begin.  Litha is a time when the fae folk are out and about in nature.  Leave a gift of milk, honey lavender syrup and bread for the fae.   The veil between the worlds is very thin, and this is a good time for looking out for magical creatures of all kinds. 

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