The Oak King

The Oak King

Summer Solstice marks the death of the Oak King, the Sun God

The Oak King
The Oak King

Midsummer or solstice marks the death of the Oak king, the Sun God of the light half of the year. On this day, the longest day and shortest night of the year, the peak of the Oak King’s power, the Holly King arises from his sleep -reborn to battle and defeat the Oak king, marking the next 6 month reign of the Holly King-the God of the dark half of the year.

This ancient story of summer battling winter, helped indigenous people understand what was going on in nature, at the turn of the season. These two Gods do battle all year long, they are two essential parts of a whole. Representing balance of light and dark, without one, the other would no longer exist.

Summer solstice is a celebration of the god and goddess at the height of their power. The goddess representing the land is fertile and pregnant- heavily laden crops and fields. The God representing the summer sun, his love for the Goddess earth, nourishes and protects her.

As the summer light reaches its peak, the power of the sun begins to wane. The days start to grow shorter and nights longer as we are drawn into the dark to complete the cycle of the year.


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