Stone Circles

Stone circles

Symbol of Litha — Stone Circles

Stone circles

Stone circles are one the symbols of Litha, the Summer Solstice.  The most famous stone circle in the world, Stonehenge located in Wiltshire, England is just one of thousands of stone circles in existence throughout the British Isles and Northern Europe.  While no specific date can be linked to the creation of these stone circles, archeologists estimate that many date to 2500 BC or earlier.

There are no written records from the period during which Stonehenge and other stone circles were created, so its use and importance can only be guessed at by excavations of the area nearby.  Archeologists have found evidence of burial sites nearby, but the center of the circle has never provided much insight into the stone circles use and purpose.  What is known is that the heelstone of Stonehenge and other stone circles lines up perfectly with the sunrise during Litha or the Summer Solstice when standing in the middle of the circle.

There are folklore stories and some very early written records which describe long processions of families and their farm animals walking through the stone circle on the solar equinox.  Considered to bestow the blessing of the Sun God upon those who made this trek, crossing thought a stone circle at Litha conveyed many blessings, including for abundance, health, safety and protection.  The pilgrimage to these stone circles could involve days of travel and were undertaken at the height of the growing season, underscoring how important this passage through the stone circle at Litha was for the inhabitants of the British Isles.

Litha is fire festival, celebrating the height of the Sun God’s powers.  Torchlight processions were a common theme of Litha, still evident today in Nordic celebrations of Summer Solstice.    The use of fire as well as the procession through the stone circles at Litha was said to drive out evil, prevent disease and misfortune, and convey prosperity and abundance to man, beast and crops alike.  Balefires are an integral part of the summer solstice celebration.  These fires were believed to strengthen the power of the sun.  Probably these balefires would be lit within or near the stone circle at Litha.   Dancing around the balefire, or for the brave of heart leaping through the flames, was part of a purifying and strengthening rite.

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