The Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra is the fourth chakra and is located right behind the sternum. This chakra is considered the bridge between the lower physical chakra’s and the upper spiritual chakra’s and the energy is emerald green. Spiritually it is considered the center of healing.

Since the beginning of time the heart has been associated with love, spoken of in sonnets, poems and song and held as the epitome of the ultimate and perfect love. However, it is the Heart Chakra of which they speak and the true source of the eternal and profound love that is sought by lovers everywhere.

A healthy Heart Chakra allows you the capacity to love in all types of relationships. It allows you to love unconditionally and have compassion for others. Your ability to connect on a meaningful level is enhanced and it helps you to understand the importance of generosity, to give as well as to receive. It brings warmth and joy to your life because there is no judgment not for yourself or for others. You will see this energy spread throughout all aspects of your life as it touches all those that you meet.

When the Heart Chakra is blocked it may present as paranoia, distrust, hate, grief, loneliness, manipulative behavior, possessiveness, the need to control, defensiveness, not feeling worthy of love, feeling nothing, depression and jealousy. Since the Heart Chakra is associated with the organs such as the heart, lungs and circulatory system there may be physical symptoms such as breathing problems, blood pressure issues, lung and breast disease.

As a spiritual being your very essence is made up of divine love so maintaining a healthy and balanced Heart Chakra ensures a steady and continuous flow of this energy throughout your world and all who live in it.

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Toni Wooten is a master psychic and tarot card reader assisting those on their journey through life. She is also a jewelry artist specializing in the use of the energy of natural products made from the earth in her work. Creating beautiful works of art that are uplifting and energetically functional.

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