A Harvest of Bones by Yasmine Galenorn

A Harvest of Bones by Yasmine Galenorn

A Harvest of Bones (A Chintz 'n China Mystery, #4)A Harvest of Bones  by Yasmine Galenorn

My rating: 4 of 5 stars 

Great Book. A Harvest of Bones is book four of the Chintz n’ China Mysteries. This series is a good fast read with humor, regular daily events and a dose of magic and mayhem. In this book Em’s Sweetie Joe had contracted to buy the property next door to Em’s house. Em decide to take a vacation from her Tea shop the Chintz n’ China Tea Room and help Joe clear the lot. There are lots of bramble’s to pull but thing get exciting when they discover the brambles hide the foundation of a house that was hit by lighting and burned to the ground over 50 years ago. As they are looking into the space under the foundation through an opening they discovered Em hears a scream. Of course she is the only one who hears it. But it sets the stage for a series of strange events including Will o’ the Wisps and the disappearance of her cat Sammy. Em is again challenged to solve a mystery that could threaten the safety of her children. And She needs to do this by her birthday. Wouldn’t you know her birthday is Samhain/Halloween.

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