An Ammonite Spring Rite

Ammonites are fossils of the extinct Ammonoidea which are believed to have existed 400 million years ago. Modern day species include the nautilus, squid, cuttlefish, and octopus. The name Ammonite is derived from the ancient Egyptian god Ammon. Ammon is depicted as having the head of a ram with twisted spiral horns that look like […] … Continue reading An Ammonite Spring Rite

My Favourite Witches

Sally & Gillian Owens- Practical Magic Practical Magic is one of my favourite stories/movies of all time. I loved the bond between Sally & Gillian and feel like I have the same type of relationship with my brother. They practiced domestic magic and were always looking out for each other. It hits close to home […] … Continue reading My Favourite Witches


The Cosmic Space Priestess sits perched on her windowsill- her talisman telescope gazes up at the luminaries in the night sky. Her eyes are nebulas, her lips are stars, and her magic weaves a silver spun thread throughout the glittering midnight tapestry up above. Astro-witchery is a form of Astrology that views the zodiac […] via … Continue reading Astro-Witchery