Wine Making

Wine Making a Mabon activity   Mabon is the second harvest, sometimes called the Wine Harvest, and is a time when the majority of crops have been gathered.   Grapes, apples and berries are featured crops of this sabbat, and fortunately all of them make a tasty wine.  Indeed it was considered taboo in many places … Continue reading Wine Making

Autumn Equinox, Mea’n Fo’mhair, Mabon

Second Harvest   Mabon (pronounced MAY-bun, MAY-bone, MAH-boon or MAH-bawn) is also called Alban Elfed, Harvest Home, 2nd Harvest, Fruit Harvest, Wine Harvest, Feast of Avalon, Equinozio di Autunno (Strega), Cornucopia, or Autumn Eauinox this holiday is a ritual of thanksgiving for the fruits of the earth and a recognition of the need to share … Continue reading Autumn Equinox, Mea’n Fo’mhair, Mabon