France : Vosges mountains and Alsace vineyards – 50 photos.

Amazing photographs, I love the mountains.

Behind the Scenes with Water Point, Aios Fior & Fire Puppets

With just five days to go until Beltane Fire Festival 2017(!!!), we’ve got a few more behind-the-scenes photos we wanted to share with you. All our groups of volunteers are pulling out the stops to make this the best Beltane yet and our amazing Photopoint photographers have been right there with them. To learn more […] … Continue reading Behind the Scenes with Water Point, Aios Fior & Fire Puppets

Timelapses and Rehearsal Photos As we get nearer and nearer to the big day, our incredible Photopoint team have been busily documenting the preparation process. Today we wanted to share a couple of timelapse videos of the Whites and Aerie, both made by Pascal van der Meiden, and some photoshoots of our Torchbearers and Aerie rehearsing… hard. First … Continue reading Timelapses and Rehearsal Photos

Wings of Rescue Holiday Airlift 11.18.16 | Seattle Pet Photography

Thanks for sharing, it is good that these animals get a chance at forever homes because of so many volunteers.

Moments in Time

Beautiful photos. They make me want to pull my passport out and do a bit more traveling.