Emerald — Crystal Dawn

You need Emerald if you are perpetually Epicurean; Transcendentalist; Bohemians; Aestheticist. Wear it on a chain, over your heart. Or in a ring at the base of your left thumb. Use it when you have temporarily lost courage to love and be loved. When you are in need of a total refresh, open your heart […] … Continue reading Emerald — Crystal Dawn

Rhodonite — Crystal Dawn

You need Rhodonite if you are an I “deeply hate my job” person, or a Sagittarian. Put it against your heart as you ask the universe to tell you what you should be doing with your life. Use Rhodonite when that cubicle life has got you down. When it’s time to drop the people-pleasing […] via … Continue reading Rhodonite — Crystal Dawn

Rhodochrosite — Crystal Dawn

Use rhodochrosite if you are grieving or really needing to grieve a major loss, a relationship expired, or an outdated idea of self. Put rhodochrosite against your chest while you breathe through your heart. wear or carry a piece near your heart. Use rhodochrosite when your heart hurts. You can feel all the feels-even the […] … Continue reading Rhodochrosite — Crystal Dawn


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