The Pollination Services of Forests [Infographic] — ecogreenlove

This infographic aims at raising awareness among stakeholders about the benefits of pollinators and beneficial practices that help to enhance pollination services across agricultural sectors. The Pollination Services of Forests [Infographic] — ecogreenlove

A Druid’s Primer on Land Healing: A Healing Grove of Renewal

The Druid's Garden

Reishi growing from a stump! Reishi growing from a stump in my sacred forest

Many years ago, I shared the story of the “mystery of the stumps“, which was my path into druidry. I grew up spending all my days in a forest that was rich, full, and bountiful.  When I was 14, that forest was logged.  My heart broke, and afterward, I tried to enter the forest but it was horrible: downed trees everywhere, so much damage, so many friends that had been cut and taken away.  I thought the forest would never heal.  I withdrew not only from nature, but from my spirit and creative gifts, and spent a time in numbness and mourning–a period that lasted almost 10 years. I didn’t return to the forest till I was 24.  When I finally went back in, so much had changed–the land was regrowing.  Large thickets of birch, blackberry, and cherries were…

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Druidry for the 21st Century: Druidry in the Anthropocene — The Druid’s Garden

Druidry is rooted in relationship and connection with the living earth: the physical landscape and all her plants and creatures, the spirits of nature, the allies of hoof and claw, fin and feather. The land and her spirits are our primary allies and energies with which we work as druids. The question I keep coming […] … Continue reading Druidry for the 21st Century: Druidry in the Anthropocene — The Druid’s Garden

Druid Tree Workings: Establishing Deep Connections With Trees

Imagine walking into a forest where you are greeted by many old tree friends, each members of different families that form a community. You know their common names, their less common names, and the secret names that have taught you. You know their medicine, how they can be used, even some of their stories and […] … Continue reading Druid Tree Workings: Establishing Deep Connections With Trees


Before the arrival of humans, much of northeastern Europe was covered by primeval forests that stretched for thousands of kilometers across the European plains. via Bialowieza: Europe’s Last Primeval Forest — ALK3R