6 Reasons to Make Your Own Charms and Talismans — Ravenhawk’s Magickal Products-Candles Cloaks Ritual Boxes

MAY 07, 2021 BY BRANDY WILLIAMS READ TIME: 7 MINS I love a store-bought candle spell. My favorites come labeled with their purpose, “peace” and “love” and “health.” Their marbled colors swirl together beautifully and small stones embedded in the wax drop free as the candle burns.  I light them to release a soft energy ambiance in … Continue reading 6 Reasons to Make Your Own Charms and Talismans — Ravenhawk’s Magickal Products-Candles Cloaks Ritual Boxes

Simple Pleasures: Stocking Up for Winter

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Wow, a scrapbook nice gift. Is Victor a bit jealous?

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Saturday, December 28, 2019

When I created Wednesday’s holiday greeting I felt fine. Little did I know that I was on Santa’s “Naughty List.”  The Jolly Old Elf brought me a flu bug Christmas morning.  Not to worry.  I expect to be fine and begin 2020 in good health. That said, I apologize for the inevitably rambling, disjointed intro that follows.

Thistledown 2019 coverThistledown – Midsummer Bedlam

Heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped and shared the launch of Thistledown – Midsummer Bedlam!  Several people let me share character profiles of faeries named in their honor.  Visit Olga Núñez Miret to learn more about two of the characters — one from Thistledown, and one from the colorless world.  If you enjoy reading about winged creatures of various sorts, be sure to take a look at Olga’s Angelic Business series.  It begins with Pink Matters.

Also, I just won a prize…

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#NewBook Launch: Thistledown – Midsummer Bedlam

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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Thistledown — Midsummer Bedlam book is ready to fly your imagination to new heights!

Ruby-topaz_hummingbird_flying in TobagoThistledown — Midsummer Bedlam by Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene (that’s me!) is a wildly whimsical tale of faeries.  However, lest you think you’re too old for that stuff, it also has a dark side.  For those who read the serial version here, I’ve added a little something to the ending that you haven’t seen.

To keep this book tour interesting, some of the bloggers helping share this launch will include individual character introductions for faeries named in their honor.  I hope you can visit them.  That said, let me tell you a little about the primary narrator of the story. (There are actually two, but if I tell you much about the other one, it could be a spoiler.)  Please allow me to introduce Bedlam Thunder. 

Bedlam Thunder

Bedlam Thunder is a…

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A Tale of Faeries — Coming for the Holidays

Looking forward to the release of Thistledown — Midsumer Bedlam!

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Friday, November 29, 2019

A “Black Friday” announcement, and a cover reveal! But first…

WordPress weirdness attacked this post. Sadly some of your comments were lost. I apologize. 

Thistledown — Midsumer Bedlam

Several of you will remember Thistledown — Midsummer Bedlam from 2017, when I posted it here as a serial.  It’s a set-your-imagination-free, wildly whimsical story.  However, it has a dark undercurrent.  With that in mind, I describe it as a tale of faeries written for grownups, but suitable for children of all ages. 

Thistledown GirlThistledown — Midsummer Bedlam is coming your way, in book form, in time for the holidays.

I hope everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving had a wonderful day.   Wishing everyone a happy weekend.  The Delta Pearl will be here tomorrow. Thanks for visiting, my chuckaboos.  


Brother Love – a Crossroad

Kindle  relinks.me/B07V25SXFR

Paperback  relinks.me/107952309X

Roaring Twenties Mystery-Fantasies

Three Things Serial Story


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