Feeling Equal? We’ve come a long way baby but we still have a long way to go

What a lovely walk down memory lane NOT!!!

Guitar Mancer — Episode 25: Test

Okay you have left me with another "what?" why is he bleeding? Good episode looking forward to the next one. Oklahoma, they did travel quite a ways. Good story Teagan I am so enjoying this.

Guitar Mancer — Episode 23: Reflection

Another great episode, Luci has a unique opportunity. I hope she can handle it as gifts like this definitely test the mettle of the receiver. Looking forward to Joining Luci on this journey of discovery.

Guitar Mancer — Episode 21: Mother

OK now I am really curious. So naturally can't wait for the next episode. Good cliff hanger Teagan.

Guitar Mancer — Episode 20: Hippies

Great Episode and Cocoa Brownies wow way to start the weekend!