Winter Solstice /Yule 2021

Winter Solstice Symbols: Yule or Christmas Tree Continuity of Life, Protection, Prosperity are all symbolic of the evergreen and associated with Green Goddesses & Gods; Hertha; Cybele, Attis, Dionysius (Pine); Woodland Spirits traditions: Roman, Celtic, Teutonic. The tradition of decorating with evergreen trees and boughs, however, originates from ancient pagan cultures. Many cultures saw the … Continue reading Winter Solstice /Yule 2021

Everything You Need to Know About the Sparkly Winter Solstice on December 21 — StyleCaster

As we prepare for yuletide festivities and cooler temperatures, take a moment on December 21 to celebrate the winter solstice. Yet another season has arrived, offering us time to reflect on growth as we approach the end of the calendar year. Days are now shorter, and the air is chillier. Do not let external melancholia interfere… Everything … Continue reading Everything You Need to Know About the Sparkly Winter Solstice on December 21 — StyleCaster

Yule 2018

Once again the holiday season is upon us. It is time to look back at the passing year. Did we accomplish what we started in January? If you did not do not despair, simply re-access your accomplishments, be proud of what you did complete and look realistically at what you did not, was your life … Continue reading Yule 2018

Winter Solstice

Bayberry candles — and candles of all types — honor the solstice and harken the rebirth of the Sun God at Yule. Honoring the return of the sun and the rebirth of the Sun God was believed to ensure bountiful crops, healthy livestock and an abundant new year to come. The traditional Yule candle is very … Continue reading Winter Solstice

Celebrating the Winter Solstice….