The Perfect Scam

The Perfect Scam

The Perfect Scam (The Reed Files #1)The Perfect Scam by Susanna Shore
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was indeed fascinated by Eliot Reed and his encounter with a safecracker. It became even more interesting as Eliot’s neighbor is found murdered in his apartment. This story offers the advantage of alternating POVs. So we are able to see that the safecracker works at Interpol and get her awareness of the events that occurred. Before this, she was married to a cop who faked his death during a robbery that their gang was pulling off. So at this point, she and Eliot have a lot at stake. Especially since he is hiding from both the Mafia and the cops and has gone to lots of trouble to avoid any attention. Neither is who they appear to be and if the police look too closely or the bad guys, they will both be in a lot of trouble. Instead of running from trouble, they head into it to investigate the death of Eliot’s neighbor, who is the guy Ada the Interpol investigator, robbed. It is a good read with some unexpected twists from the beginning.

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