Echo: The Curse of the Blackwood Witches

Echo: The Curse of the Blackwood Witches

Echo: The Curse of the Blackwood WitchesEcho: The Curse of the Blackwood Witches by Yasmine Maher
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Echo Blackwood appears to be your average college student, studying law with a cute boyfriend who is a doctor. The adventure begins at her sisters Tara’s wedding when the guest is attacked by monsters. From that moment, Echo’s life changes she learns that she is a witch. Not just any witch, a Blackwood witch, a name synonymous with using black magic to create an immortal monster. Now Echo needs to learn magic because she is the Chosen Witch to destroy the monster her ancestor created. This story follows Echo through learning magick, seeking her grimoire, and fighting many battles. She does this with Kirby and Vanna, who help with the fighting and the teaching. Echo’s relationship hits a snag, she drops out of college as she focuses more and more on learning and perfecting her magic for the final battle that will determine the survival of humanity. It is a faced paced read once you understand the author’s style, it is a truly riveting book.

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