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From the Bowery Ballroom to the Sydney Opera House, the intertribal dance troupe Indigenous Enterprise is bringing traditional native dances centerstage. Presenting various powwow dance styles and dazzling regalia, the group drew the attention of NBC’s “World of Dance” on social media, and earned a place performing for Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration. Indigenous Enterprise premiered “Indigenous Liberation,” a stage performance that combines tradition and tech, last fall at the Joyce Theater in New York City. The troupe took the show to Los Angeles in March, performing at REDCAT in the Walt Disney Concert Hall Complex.

Dancer Acosia Red Elk of the Umatilla tribe recalls her performance on the stage at the Joyce. “I felt a little bit insecure because we had done nothing like that before,” the world-champion jingle dancer admitted.

A great Video to watch here:

These native dances are typically performed at competitions and powwows…

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