A Christmas Candy Killing by Christina Romeril

A Christmas Candy Killing by Christina Romeril

A Christmas Candy KillingA Christmas Candy Killing by Christina Romeril
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was an excellent Christmas-themed, cozy mystery. It was filled with believable characters and lots of references to foods. The twins Alex and Hannah moved to a small town in Montana and opened a bookshop combined with a chocolate shop with the eye-catching name of Murder and Mayhem. The chocolates all had names that associated them with various poisons. So no surprise, our first victim was found stabbed to death with a box of killer chocolates near her bedside. Alex, a friend of the victim and the victim’s handyman, is the prime suspect in her murder. It seems the sheriff was happy with her choice of suspects. Alex did not believe that Zack the handyman was the murderer, and she knew she was not, which left her and her twin sister no choice but to figure out who the real culprit was. Alex set herself the task of finding the real killer before Christmas.

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