Moon Phases by Cecilia Lattari

Moon Phases

Moon Phases: Cultivate Your Wild Side Using the Moon and Its StagesMoon Phases: Cultivate Your Wild Side Using the Moon and Its Stages by Cecilia Lattari
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I will begin with I loved this book. It will most definitely be on my reference shelf. The author explored the energy of each monthly lunar phase. She gives an in-depth look at the energy of the month’s full moon explaining how to use it to manifest specifics into your life. Moon Phases lists symbols for each month and gives a thorough look at the chosen plant. This information is followed up by practices and rituals and finally a pop icon that is a good representation of that month’s full moon. It was a very enjoyable book, full of information and easy to read. It will add another dimension to any information you already have on the Moon Phase. If you are a beginner in this exploration or a more experienced practitioner this is a great addition to your library.

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