Weekly Tarot Reading April 12, 2021 – April 18, 2021 – Tarot by Lady Dyanna

Weekly Tarot Reading April 12, 2021 – April 18, 2021 – Tarot by Lady Dyanna

Weekly Tarot Reading April 12, 2021 – April 18, 2021 – Tarot by Lady Dyanna

This week has strong energy. Actions taken will have fair consequences. Everything will fall into place just as it is meant to be. The truth will catch up with those who have perpetuated falsehoods. It is time to think logically. Don’t let your emotions overwhelm your decisions. It might be helpful to list the pros and cons of a potential decision. You could find yourself dealing with someone who may appear to be energetic and charismatic, be aware that they can also be competitive, reckless, and temperamental too. Your decision-making this week could require you to examine your beliefs. Are you making decisions based on what you believe you should do, or are you tuned into your higher calling? It appears once again that change is coming your way. Your current phase of life is coming to an end. Life cannot stay as it is. Change is unavoidable. You will benefit now by taking full responsibility for your choices. Be honest with yourself. Tune into your higher calling to learn where to go next. Pay attention to the big ideas you have now. They are not just impossible dreams. Pay attention to your physical body, the changes in the earth, and nature there could be a message in the physical world for you now. By the end of this week, you may feel a need to retreat in order to replenish and restore. By taking space and solitude now, you will be ready to engage with the ongoing changes in your world and the world around you. The answer you are seeking to deal with this week’s events will be found within in you, not in any book or on any website.


Lady Dyanna



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