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Great chapter. What is Emeraude up to? Can’t wait to see.

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Saturday, March 20, 2021

Image tomfoolery by TeaganImage tomfoolery by Teagan

Yes, I know St. Patrick’s Day is over.  I just enjoyed the thought of this lovely tabby in that soft cushion of clover, and I had to use the image again.  Don’t worry.  The steampunk riverboat is here, my chuckaboos!

Last time we got a glimpse of an injured Blue John Boulton.  He was up there somewhere inside that sooty cloud that’s been following the riverboat around. That’s about all we could tell from the limited perspective offered by Victor’s telectroscope.  I’m sure there has to be something housing the few pieces of furniture, the clockwork creatures, and Blue. Just what that might be remains to be seen.  Whatever those confines are, something seemed to be chasing the Mate.  The only clue we got from him before he ran out of view was questionable. It might have been “tune” of possibly…

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