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Awesome chapter! Lots of questions can’t wait for the answers!

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Saturday, February 27, 2021

The steampunk riverboat is back, my chuckaboos! I’m working hard to get the third monthly installment of Dead of Winter, my Amazon serial of novelettes, ready for publication.  So, let’s step short and get right to it.

The “unofficial tech guy” at Teagan’s Books is Dan AntionEvery now and then I ask him a question, or throw an idea at him for feedback. He’s a good sport about it.  While Dan was not the reader to leave telectroscope as a “random thing,” he added one of his own, months later when I was bouncing the “optical telephone” around to keep it in this story. The new thing Dan provided is transceiver.

Last time I did a recap post with a whole passel of links. Click the back arrow at the bottom of the post for that. Now, shall we?

All aboard!

The Delta…

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