Weekly Tarot Reading November 23, 2020 – November 29, 2020 – Tarot by Lady Dyanna

Weekly Tarot Reading November 23, 2020 – November 29, 2020 – Tarot by Lady Dyanna

This week begins with a need to face whatever comes with love and compassion. Also getting into your body, through exercise, feasting, or other physical pursuits will open up new spiritual doorways for you and increase your personal power. You will need to be flexible and adaptable this week to deal with everything that comes your way. As the time to celebrate draws near you are reminded to reach out to friends and family that you have not connected with in a while. Celebrate your accomplishments you deserve to have some fun! 

Unfortunately, this week is not all sunshine and joy. You may find yourself dealing with someone who has a great amount of self-pity, who feels like a martyr. This encounter can take the spark out of your celebration if you let it. If you are the one feeling put upon, ask yourself if you are gaining anything by feeling this way. If not pick yourself up and move on. You are not alone. You have social and spiritual connections available to help you through whatever you feel you are dealing with. Do not hesitate to reach out. If this is someone else’s emotions you are dealing with it may be time to step back from that person, it could be painful but it is up to you to determine which is more important your peace of mind or the relationship.

This week is a combination of good things and some not-so-good things but ultimately it is a time for reaching out to family and friends rejoicing in your friendships and celebrating your life.

Lady Dyanna

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