The Delta Pearl 55 — Launch

Okay, that was strange and frightening! Can’t wait for the next chapter.

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Saturday, November 14, 2020 

Aero-cab Station Jean Marc Cote 1899 WikipediaAero-cab Station Jean Marc Cote 1899, Wikipedia

Welcome back to the steampunk riverboat, my chuckaboos!  

Random Reader Things 

Weeks ago, Dyanna Wyndesong asked me to use the Victorian slang word bricky again.  It’s such a fun word, that of course I use it whenever I can.  This time I wanted to make sure I gave her a shout-out. Thanks again to Dan Antion‘s for letting me use his photos.

Last Time

As this paddle-wheeler has traveled the river, some of the passengers have left. First, the Harveys — a newlywed couple and their bratty nephew.  An early encounter with the kid’s pranks had our heroine dangling precariously over the railing. With enough passenger protest, the Captain put the trio ashore in Chapter 27

Last time the circumstances were entirely different when we parted company with Alison and Azalea.  That goodbye was much…

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