The Delta Pearl 53 — Saw

This was a great chapter Teagan!

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Saturday, October 24, 2020 

Photo by Dan AntionPhoto by Dan Antion

Thanks for coming to the river, my chuckaboos!  We could sit back and do some fishing while we wait for the riverboat.  Oh, but wait.  The sign says “No fishing.”  Hmmm… that explains why the heron has a guilty look on his face in Dan Antion‘s photo.

When this riverboat first got on the water, we had some vague knowledge of Émeraude’s past.  We knew that life wasn’t good in her early years, but we didn’t know very much more than that.  Today, she explains a little more.

I don’t like to do long explanatory episodes, but sometimes they are necessary.  Besides, remember my purpose here is to rewrite the novel, not just give a serial.  Some passages will work better in the novel form, and this is one of them.

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