The Delta Pearl 52 — Dive

Jaspe is quite the swimmer hmmm more to the Dealer than meets the eye. Great chapter!

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Saturday, October 17, 2020 

Atonement, TN Party Bus by Teagan R. GenevieneDeme & Honeybell on the Atonement, TN Party Bus by Teagan R. Geneviene

Welcome back, my chuckaboos!  It’s been a busy time with so many authors launching new books.  I’ve been thrilled that a couple of my older works have also gotten online attention.  Today Marian Allen is hosting Deme and Honeybell from Atonement, Tennessee.   The Glowing Pigs have taken their party bus to visit Marian. Jump on, click over and join the fun.

Riverboat docked night lights Dan AntionPhoto by Dan Antion

The steampunk riverboat is here with another new chapter.

Random Reader Things 

Recently, D. Wallace Peach gave us this chapter’s “random reader thing,” Amphibious Bicycle.  Thanks to Dan Antion for providing some of the photos for this serial.

Previously, Émeraude and friends learned that the trembles and shivers that were happening to the Delta Pearl were the result of the riverboat encountering a…

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