The Delta Pearl 48 — Left

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Saturday, September 12, 2020 

Scarab pectoral belonging to Tutankhamun WikipediaScarab pectoral belonging to Tutankhamun Wikipedia

Welcome to another episode of The Delta Pearl, my chuckaboos.

Something Personal

This weekend I’m celebrating two days that have personal significance for me. I can’t discuss them, so let’s just say that they are big parts of a personal transformation. That is so true for September 13th that I call it my “rebirth-day.”

Writing Process

As you know, along with this re-write of The Delta Pearl, I’m “bookizing” a previous serial to a dieselpunk novella, and still working on the novel I started last November.  I’ve realized that novel is going to be more than one book.  So, maybe I’m not proceeding as excruciatingly slowly on that as it feels. 

Today’s episode of The Delta Pearl was very labor intensive.  We’ve gotten close to the original ending.  That means sharing it with you here has added the…

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