Lughnasadh Prosperity Spell

Prosperity Spell

Prosperity Spell

Prosperity Spell
green candle
8 dimes
3 whole cloves
amber scented oil
Small jar or container

Create your protective circle. anoint your candle with the amber scented oil. place it in the holder. Now hold your 8 dimes and three whole cloves in the hand that you put the anointing oil in and charge the coins to attract prosperity to you. Place the coins around the base of the candle place the clove pieces in the container. Leave the container on your altar near the candle and coins.
Now visualize what your self prosperous. See the prosperity at work in your life.
Light your candle and repeat these words three times.
Grant me prosperity and make it last
as the coins in this container grows
so to me, prosperity and abundance flows.
So it is and so it must be.

When the candle burns down place the coins in the container with the cloves. place the jar where you can see it daily try to add a few dimes to it every week.

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