Esme’s Gift by Elizabeth Foster

Esme's Gift (Esme Series #2)Esme’s Gift by Elizabeth Foster
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Esme’s Gift is the sequel to Esme’s Wish and it is as filled with exciting adventures as Esme’s Wish. I was lucky enough to be able to immediately read the sequel. Esme returns to her world to try to convince her father to join her in Esperance because her mother is alive but her father believes that she has mental issues just as he thought her mother had when she spoke of Esperance. Esme believing that they would attempt to medicate her or keep her from returning to her mother once again use the portal. Esme is now living in Esperance. She is learning to use her gift, she is also learning more about herself. Upon her return, she learns that her mother is still not awake and is getting weaker so Esma’s next adventure is helping the Keeper find the ingredients that are necessary to release her mother from her gift so she can wake up. This means that Esme, Lillian, and Daniel must travel to many exciting and dangerous places to retrieve the ingredients needed.
This is another great read with excitement, magic, dragons, sirens, and many strange monsters. If you like fantasy this is an excellent read even .though it is written for YA it was a captivating read.
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