The Delta Pearl 42 — Prance

Love the clockwork horse! A stowaway, another scarab?

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toSaturday, July 25, 2020 

Javier Rodrigues at Pixabay Javier Rodrigues at Pixabay

Hello, my chuckaboos. I’m glad you could come back to my sanctuary.  Yes, this blog is my sanctuary.  I am the gatekeeper of this place.  It’s a safe haven not just for you, but for me too.  It’s safe from vitriol, religion, politics, and negativity.  Remember that.

Random Reader Things.  It gives me great pleasure when someone thinks about my stories after they’ve left my blog.  Last week, GP Cox did that and made a comment at his own blog, mentioning a Clockwork Horse.  I was captivated by the thought, and it changed what I had in mind.  That became my random thing for this short episode.

When we stopped last time, with Agate and Victor fussing over Émeraude, after her ordeal.  You know what a matchmaker the Cook is, especially where Émeraude and Victor are concerned.  We’d best…

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