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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Crystal w-Story Jar 06-29-14 Crystal, 06-29-2014 (along with my bookcase and books, almost all of which I donated before relocating). There’s a very tiny clue here.

Welcome to my sanctuary.  I hope your week has been good so far.  As I type this, I’m up early.  (I have to do any online work early, because my Internet starts going bad at 9 AM.) I can see the tiny birds outside my window.  Soon the pigeons will almost crowd them away, but for now they have the water bowl to themselves.  I’m more interested in the birds than Crystal is.  She’d happily bathing while watching a video of a groundhog eating a carrot.

Composite of altered free images by Teagan GenevieneComposite of altered free images by Teagan Geneviene

Like many people, COVID-19 “stuff” has made it almost impossible for me to focus on anything, including my stories.  I know most writers have complained of that.  So, what to…

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