The Delta Pearl 39 — Rise

Oh my, this is a real cliff hanger!! Looking forward to the next chapter Teagan!!

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Saturday, June 27, 2020 

The Circle of the Rue Royale James Tissot 1868 WikipediaThe Circle of the Rue Royale by James Tissot 1868 Wikipedia

Welcome back to the riverbank, my chuckaboos.  This segment continues the adventures of the passengers and crew during their shore leave in my fictional, Victorian Era version of Cairo, Illinois. 

Delightful blogger and fascinating person, Pat at e-Quips recently did a post about bells.  I stumbled upon it after I wrote this chapter, but Bells was a perfect random reader thing for today.  I only had to make a minor adjustment to use it.

Also, I was finally able to use a “thing” that was sent months ago from one of my original followers, author and translator, Olga Núñez Miret.  She comes up with such fabulous things, like Papyrus!

I have one character that leaves most of us undecided — and I doubt this chapter will change that. We’ve learned not to…

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