Midsummer Customs

Midsummer Customs

Creating your own Midsummer Customs

Midsummer Customs

Here are a few ideas for creating your own Midsummer customs.
It is the longest day of the year. There are 12 hours of daylight.
Go camping. Go out into the woods or up into the mountains or down to the beach. Find someplace where you can build a bonfire and light it when the sun sets. Bring along plenty of flowers especially roses or yellow flowers like calendulas, St John’s wort, or marigolds.
Indoors, use whatever symbols represent light and warmth to you
Use sunflowers and other yellow flowers to decorate your house. Lots of yellows and golds to represent the sun and light.
Gather your herbs for maximum potency.
Acknowledge the gift of water in everyday life. Go to the nearest body of water an make a wish.
Honor your strength, the sun is associated with will, vitality, accomplishment, victory, and fame.
Today is a day you can be proud of your personal strengths and accomplishments. Gathers your family and have a celebration that honors the accomplishments and achievements of each of you.
A cup of honey mead and a bonfire would be the perfect topping to these celebrations as you brag of your strengths toss some of the flowers that you have gathered on the flames.

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