The Delta Pearl 37 — Stalk

This is intriguing someone is spying on Émeraude and Eliza. Short but it still packs a punch Tegan, looking forward to the next chapter.

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Saturday, June 13, 2020 

steampunk woman green corset riverboat PixabayImage by Teagan R. Geneviene, sourced via Pixabay

Welcome back to the riverside, my chuckaboos.  The episodes of this serial keep getting shorter.  I’m trying hard to make progress on the novel I began in November.  I’m a research geek, and the deplorable Internet service I get from TDS is making my pace a hundred times slower.

Even though this is an extra-short segment, I managed to use one “random reader thing.”  It’s goggles from Priscilla Bettis.  What could be better for a steampunk story?

Here are links to the past few chapters: 

 33 — Chaperone

34 — Scrabble

35 — Frown

36 — Research

We join Émeraude and Eliza, who are still at the public library in Cairo, Illinois.  Without further ado…

All aboard!

The Delta Pearl

Chapter 37 — Stalk

Steampunk eye clock broken shattered Kellepics PixabayKellepics at Pixabay

Haze tarnished the sun beyond the library window.  I wished…

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