The Delta Pearl 36 — Research

New character very cool! Looking forward to what happens next.

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Saturday, June 6, 2020 


Welcome my chuckaboos.  That’s a Victorian Era slang word for dear friend. Some of you have been following since very early in my blogging career — my long-time chuckaboos! One of the earliest of those is author and blogger, Christoph Fischer.

Last weekend’s chapter prompted Christoph to mentioned something I never knew about him.  If you’ll recall, at the end of the past episode, Eliza and Émeraude went to the library in Cairo, Illinois — and they encountered the librarian.  Well, for a time Christoph was a librarian.  So I asked if I could name our librarian after him.

Today I used two “random reader things.”  First I used fountain pen from GP Cox.  When I decided to give Christoph’s librarian a gemstone name, I thought of the fascinating gem, Jet.  Then I remembered that Resa McConaghy had suggested it…

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