Day 80 – Earth, Water, Tree Meditation

Silver RavenWolf

Day 80 and our area moves from yellow to green — where there are still restrictions and you are “encouraged” to wear a mask.

Today is the Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon so I devised a meditation that is super calming and filled with power.  You can change the words to suit as well as the intention you set.  You only need a glass of water and space to sit outside on the ground near a tree.  The meditation is super simple; yet, vast in its possible accomplishment.  There are a total of four elements represented:  Earth, Water, Air (your breath), and Spirit (of the earth, of the water, of the air, of humanity represented by you — and of the Universe).  Each element moves and flows in its own way — every vibration is connected to every vibration.

Electrical pulses move through the earth, carrying your thoughts with them. …

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