The Delta Pearl 35 — Frown

Beautifully done Teagan, more intrigue!

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Saturday, May 30, 2020 

Wild Clouds by Timothy Price Wild Clouds by Timothy Price

Welcome back to the riverbank my chuckaboos.  It’s another all new episode of The Delta Pearl.  This one was not part of the original novel.

Several newer readers have asked that I include a list of past episodes.  There are many reasons why I don’t do that.  (Those of you who asked — I know I could trust you implicitly.)  Piracy is at the top of that list.  Yes, it’s all still online, but the least I can do is not make it even easier for thieves.  I’m saddened that slight protection also makes it harder for you.  However, I’ve always kept a category link on the right-hand margin of the page.  Click “Delta Pearl.” There’s still a lot of scrolling to get to old episodes, but it’s somewhat less effort.  The good news is that it’s also…

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