Day 67 – The Concept of One by Silver RavenWolf

Silver RavenWolf

One is in the moment.

Could it be we are perceiving the idea of “one” not as it was first meant to be. One does not mean “you’re one” or “my one”, it means that in the stillpoint of the void, that place that is not a place, and a time that is not a time, the zero point of the totality of the dynamics of meditation, there are none – which is one – united in nothing, yet bonded in everything; wholeness in the moment where there is no past nor present.

No opinions.

No individual perceptions.

No tawdry emotions.

No unmitigated anger.

Only perfect agreement.

Only potential.

Only one.

In the moment.

And in that one – anything can be done. The one is not ego-centered. The one is not a person nor a spirit it is a unification of everything. It isn’t “some thing” – it’s just…

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