The Delta Pearl 34 — Scrabble

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Saturday, May 23, 2020 

Lafayette Louisiana. Steampunk Festival people walking WikimediaLafayette Louisiana. Steampunk Festival Wikimedia

Welcome back to the riverbank my chuckaboos.  It’s another all new episode of The Delta Pearl.  This one was not part of the original novel. 

I was able to use a couple of “random reader things.”  First we have Ribbon Candy from Jan Twissel.  Also, Beth suggested Red Herrings.  

Last time, our potential lovebirds didn’t make it off the riverboat for what might have passed for a date with the Victorians.  Do you think they can go ashore with chaperones?  More importantly will they have any fun?  Let’s see.

All aboard!

The Delta Pearl

Chapter 34 — Scrabble

victorian-silhouette flowers PixabayPixabay

Wind gusted down the narrow streets.  Clouds darkened the eastern sky.  Turning uneasily, I gazed back toward the river.  I could see a smidgen of water, but I had lost sight of the Delta Pearl. …

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